Today: Moments.

All I want is to be genuinely embraced. For one moment to stand still without anything else stitching it together. To be able to close my eyes and feel the warmth of truth. Our truth. To be taken to a land where cliches are only seeds in the soil—where the truest of passion blooms instead, […]

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Today: Time.

Time. Like time based art: music, plays, movies—there’s always a beginning, a middle, and an end. You are held by the suspenseful restrictions until it is over, all of which are directed by time. But paintings, they don’t have any of that. You can just gaze at a painting whenever you wanted and see what […]

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Today: The brain.

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that you have nice lobes— especially your frontal. It stimulates my entire being. When yours is stimulated, I cannot help but to melt into the moment. It’s exotically beautiful. Has anyone ever told you that before? Oh, and I cannot stop thinking about the way you use your […]

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Today: Death & Life.

Being comfortable with death has always been an arduous endeavor for me. Considering I have my own spiritual beliefs, even the most positive of thoughts born from my revelations could barely spare my anxious being. The thought of losing someone close has always been a teeth chattering plight ever since I was a child. I […]

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Today: Marriage.

Before reading this, I mean this in no way, shape or form to be taken offensively. These are my own reveling thoughts based on my experiences that have unveiled such a foreboding perspective. But to say the least, I feel like some of my conveyed thoughts unravel some good points— ‘thinkers’ as I like to […]

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