Today: Unlearning.

Learning from someone is beautiful— We will never be done learning. But unlearning from someone is even more beautiful. Being done with the trajectories that will no longer serve you, released by somebody else is one of the deepest forms of truth. We then are relieved from the guilt of the shelf life of the lies we told ourselves we knew never existed.

When someone other than our self is powerful enough to dismantle the shields that we thought once kept us safe, we now know what it feels like to be free. When we are free we are closer to the truest form of love. When we are true, the deeper we will fall and the higher we will fly without a parachute. When we are love, we have come home. And finding you is like finally finding the X in the sand after drawing it many lifetimes ago— my buried treasure. My everything…


3 thoughts on “Today: Unlearning.

  1. Whitney! I could of sworn I saw you today and so that casted me on a search to see if it was you… and you are like no where to be found lol


      1. I moved to palm beach gardens and I started a new job and I could of sworn I saw you on the third floor, do you work on RCA Blvd? I looked for your fb to write you, we’re friends but there’s like nothing in your page, then found this lol. What’s your number? And yeah Mary lol how do you Rmemeber my last names lol


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