Today: Fantasy.

I have so many fantasies living inside of me. Tones of heresy paint my internal complexion to give off a subtle glimpse of virtue. I’m not right. I never was. I am left…


History repeats itself until it no longer exists. A reason to breathe. A reason to grin. The warmth of my desires are enough to pine for more until I can no longer bare the suspense. Visions of fire succumb the brevity of my dreams and turn them into existence. I am alone in this dark pragmatic world. A world where only dreamers drown in their own tides of lucidity and burn in their own flame. Perpetual. The only thing that is constant, relative to need. Rome wasn’t built over night but I will promise you that perfection was. Give me a sword and I will carve your name in a stone. An artifact that withstands every condition. Only to be harmonious with havoc. Like my soul. The deeper I go, the more I need. Like a savage deity unmasking what’s hers. Everything is hers. Swimming to the bottom of an endless pit is enthralling. Consuming the ink of the serpents revive my cravings. Like a drunken fool slipping through the cracks of her own delusions. Delicious. Salivating at the thought of the dungeons that keep my secrets safe. If you follow the light you will be impressed by the art of my demise. Let me live that fantasy.


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