Today: Law of Alignment.

It was a real mind opener the other day when I realized why my life has been so amazing lately. Thinking back to when nothing could ever go right for me, I took a quick inventory of who and what were in my life at the time. I am a solid believer that when you are on the wrong path it’s inevitable to have poor alignment. Poor alignment— when you prolifically accrue bad luck or misfortunes one after the next that aren’t aligned with the greatest good of your nature. But being where I am now in life makes it better to understand why all of the mishaps made a cameo in my past. It’s like being at the top of a mountain. You can see everything you conquered at a distance. It is quite clear why everything I have been through had to happen–It was appropriate.

  1. I wasn’t supposed to be with the people I had intimate relations with.

When choosing a partner, sometimes it’s for the wrong reasons. And, when I say wrong I mean it in a way that is best for your soul. Life is the chance we get for trials and errors to render our souls whole and full of it’s true nature to align with the truth of our consciousness. That is why we have so many of them—lives. Reflecting back on my current life, I would always be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I am a good person, so everything that has happened to me must have been because of that reasoning. Bad things DO happen to good people! But it’s because we put ourselves in situations that are toxic and misleading, which in turn, suffocates the greater good for our lives. Hypotheses are all we have before we make a choice.

2. I wasn’t living up to my truest nature.

Most of us don’t. Sometimes we do, but only sometimes. We need to create a life that we can always be doing something that makes us happy. I am using the term happy heavily because happiness is when we feel full and we are able to tune everything out and be in the moment every time we are engaging in whatever it is that makes us tick!

When we have stressful brain clutter, we are pulling further and further away from that raw channel that creates the law of attraction. When we are stressed, we have NO time to manifest the positivity that we want. Instead we are worrying about that list we have in our heads that we slave to…not because we want to, but because we have to. That takes us away from the truest present.

Now that I am embarking on this current path that I lead, everything is falling into place like it were a dream coming true. Things that happen to me can’t be defined as coincidences. They are mere energies that I am attracting because I have the channel open. We all have a purpose for every life that we live. This time around, mine is love…so far. Ever since I had the chance to give my heart away, that is all I needed and wanted and pined for. Love. But a specific type of love. The kind that feels so sacred. The kind that someone would find in a box buried under a big X in the the deepest trenches on Jupiter— The kind that is very difficult to achieve. After yearning for that type of love, I thought I would never find it. But I knew it was out there for me. My purpose in this lifetime is love. I will continue to step forward in this journey to experience every kind of love until it finds me. Until then, I will walk the shores of my magic and continue to smile at the secrets the Universe whispers to me. Words that I think, are spoken. Feelings that I bridle are released. People that I think about, surface. Songs that I hum start to play. Everything is aligned. I feel as if I was handed the magic wand. All I have to do is breathe. It is truly amazing.


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