Today: Moments.

All I want is to be genuinely embraced. For one moment to stand still without anything else stitching it together. To be able to close my eyes and feel the warmth of truth. Our truth.

To be taken to a land where cliches are only seeds in the soil—where the truest of passion blooms instead, in our souls. Every moment natal in truth, I want you with me…because it becomes ours. There is something tremendously said about feeling one with something. Can it be you? If we closed our eyes together, nothing else could ever matter in that moment.

Often times when I am alone, I enter a magical place. A place where only I belong. I close my eyes and I always feel you there with me, your essence opaque. As if you belong where only I do.

Real pain isn’t when you are without love–Real pain is when you have too much to give, when I cannot bathe you in every last drop. It becomes that nightmare when you scream and not a sound comes out.

Every amazing moment I have, you are sometimes missing.

It’s as if sometimes missing is enough to abandon love altogether. It’s sometimes worth to never feel the real pain, to never know you even existed.


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