Today: Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

I know you tell me that actions speak louder than words. I beg to differ—I have a loud voice if you couldn’t tell. When I act, in seldom does anyone ever notice. Ironically, they seem to always hear me. More often than not, my actions are quiet and discreet but my phonetic design is never forgotten.

If actions are louder, then why can’t you remember them?—Funny how that works. When I tell you simply that I love you, I mean it beyond words and actions. It’s a reminder to you, it’s something that I feel at that moment, it’s the human way of communicating a thought to another, it’s a pang inside of erupting desire that I need to let out to the universe…and more importantly, to you. The phrase actions speak louder than words should not imply to the essence of love. In comparison, when I am cold— when I am cold, should I have to prove to you that I am cold? Do I need to act out the charade of being cold for you to give me a blanket? I think it is redundant to justify words and feelings with an action for it to become viable and truthful. When I am gone, you will wish you heard me say that I love you more than I did..because my voice is all you can remember.


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