Today: Death & Life.

Being comfortable with death has always been an arduous endeavor for me. Considering I have my own spiritual beliefs, even the most positive of thoughts born from my revelations could barely spare my anxious being. The thought of losing someone close has always been a teeth chattering plight ever since I was a child. I blame it on the massive abundance of empathy I absorbed while growing up, with the love, affection, and care from my family. It really is a blessing and a curse in my case— a double-edged sword. But, that doesn’t change reality, my reality, or your reality; death is inevitable.

Moving on, about 5 months ago, my uncle had passed away unexpectedly. To render my experience more excruciatingly, my grandmother passed away one month prior. With all thought inflicted fears aside, this was my first encounter with actual death in the family—I survived.

But this story isn’t solely about death…It’s about what was brought to light in the depths of this sorrowful darkness. It was ironically about life. At my uncle’s funeral, kind words were said about him. The way he was remembered by the people who treasured his presence. What he loved to do, what he was good at, how he lived his life with ease and perseverance, what made him happy. In the end, those are all the things that mattered. At the end of his life, those are the things that people were going to miss from their lives without him around. It was the way he made people feel, and the admiration they had towards him. Not his profession, not his money, but his character and values. This experience has better molded me to dissipate my fears and be proud of who I am, and continue to live my life without expectations.

In the end, you will be remembered for who you are, how you made people feel; your presence.

Make it count.

Think about it.


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