Today: Gay Marriage, Adoption, Love & People Who Have No Clue.

I stumbled upon a website called Amazers, and basically it’s a website with people who give attention to topics of their concern. This one in particular, since middle school, has always been something I strongly and naturally can debate. Gay marriage– Anything gay related, I am a supporter! This was my response to a fellow Amazers user:

“Patrick, I agree with you on the marriage thing. Marriage is a religious unity and legal binding. If you aren’t into either, why get married right? Previously Celine did say that being gay was pretty much wrong– quoting her, “In the first place, people shouldn’t even like other people that are of the same sex as them. It’s basic anatomy. It defeats the purposes of our lives.” Liking other people of the same sex and the purpose of life is irrelevant unless one is religious. ‘Human nature’ has been defined and redefined by society since day one. I don’t agree with society. What is society? Does it really matter? Also, you bring up “nobody is born gay”– I honestly don’t think anyone is born with a sexual preference! I believe that society and our family shape our mind since we can identify an object from a word. A lot of people deny their sexuality at an early age because we are told that it isn’t right. Basic anatomy, you say? I don’t think it is proven that every single one of us has the same physiology make up in the brain/soul/heart. Let’s take animals for an example; there are a lot of animals that show attraction to the same sex. Why? Because they don’t have the capacity in their brains to understand redirection and scolds for doing so. Therefore, society has a lot of impact on the human species. It is natural to be attracted to human beings of either sex. You also bring up pedophiles– we are talking about being gay and sexual preferences in regards to that topic, of course the pursuit of happiness linked to pedophiles is wrong. They are committing something against someone’s will. “yet, on a bigger scale it can lead to depopulation, since gay couple can not reproduce. diversity of genes would start declining big time, children will be a bit confused, having adoptive parents of the same gender.” Depopulation. Is that a bad thing? We have way too many people in this world that are starving, suffering, ruining the environment, committing treacherous crimes, etc. Hooray for the gays! They may actually save our world. Also, have you looked up the statistics for orphaned children? Oh, let me show you! 101,666 of these children are eligible for adoption, but nearly 32% of these children will wait over three years in foster care before being adopted. And you’re worried about them being ‘confused’ about the gender that adopts them? If you’re worried about that, you should research the psychological adversities that come along with being raised in an orphanage! LOVE is what they desperately need and crave. Since we are on the topic, in my opinion, having children should be a right these days. Like a driving test, there should be a fit-parent test. Think about that one!

I am in no way trying to be difficult with you, I am trying to raise a higher awareness on this topic. So going back to the media and it’s ‘agenda’ in one word I can sum up their objective– it’s money! It always was and always will be. Gay rights has been in the works since 1924. Here is a website to illustrate a timeline: Why is it popular now? Hmm.. Because technology and the web has come a long way! Social media is what is popular, not being gay!

I can get into who, what, when, where, and why the media hypes up certain things but I won’t.

And for bravery, the term is ‘socially accepted’. The majority has elected a Democratic president to run our country. Anything liberal is in the eye of the majority/media/etc. Gay rights, global warming, pro-choice reproduction rights , etc are naturally going to be the material that surfaces due to the promises of our president.

To end this diatribe with veracity, in regards to every single word in this thread, love is love, the heart wants what it wants, and society is brainwash!


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