Today: Happiness.

I am 27 years young, and from a collegial standpoint I can say that I am a professional student. My whole career as a student was tumultuous, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I had an interest in many different things and I just couldn’t pick one. But I can say that I did learn a lot and that I do indeed have a general college education, if you will. My imagination is wild and I am a jack of all trades and a master of none; I also wouldn’t change that one bit!

About 2 months ago, I was enrolled in a great expensive private art school in NYC since my plans involved residing there. But since life is an evolution of changes, that’s exactly what happened—Change. In the middle of the semester, my mind was clouded, my anxiety levels were through the roof, and meditation wasn’t working out for me in this instance…Or, maybe it did.

The feeling of completing something exciting and valuable and quitting in the middle of something that doesn’t appeal to you are equally just as satisfying! I will tell you that I chose to quit. Yet again.

I was always known as a ‘quitter’ but I don’t take offense to that anymore. I quit and give up on things when I feel unhappy. I do give things a good quality of chances, and I can also say by doing so I have experienced a lot of different things in my life. Why waste your life on something that is causing doubt and obligation? I am a firm believer in being happy and I’m sticking to it!

There are two reasons why I would have completed school:

  1. If I went to the dream school that excited me in Maui to become a journalist when I was fresh out of high school.


2. If I continued to listen to other people’s reasons why I should finish school.

Both of those reasons are a part of my past and I am finally baking a cake for the farewell party!

What constitutes happiness for you?

Completing something? A successful future? Your image? Your yearly income? Your class in society?

All of those can make you seem happy because you are essentially ‘fitting in’ somewhere where you thought you belong.

But what constitutes my happiness is happiness in itself. Being happy. That’s it. Simple.

A lot of people say they won’t settle for anything less than they deserve; and by that they usually mean something less valuable or prestigious or anything less than the hard work they put in for their shiny future.

I won’t settle either.

For anything less than what makes me happy.

So I have made my intentions clear to myself. I will not be ashamed to tell people that I will no longer be going back to school to get a degree that many people waste their time, money, and life on. If you want to be a doctor or want a college demanding career, that’s great, you need school for that! A lot…of…schooling.

But those are not my aspirations in life.

I want to live my life to it’s truest nature and make just enough money to keep me, myself, and I afloat in this lifetime. Instead, I will become something out of true happiness.

Here are a 10 things that I am passionate about:

  1. Writing
  2. Yoga and meditation
  3. Creating art
  4. Delicious food and wine
  5. Travel
  6. Music
  7. Helping people
  8. Love
  9. Cooking
  10. Sex

This list is not in any specific order but it is what makes me proud to be alive!

My happiness.

All of those things will keep me alive, and I am all of those things because those are the things I will be doing until I can’t any longer. I will incorporate all of my passions into my daily life to seek ultimate happiness. Anything more is just a plus in my experience!

Furthermore, a degree and social status doesn’t intrigue me. That is not who I am. Therefore, I will sever the ties of my past obligations and create the change I wish to be.

Learning who you are is a beautiful journey. Sometimes it can take longer to figure that out. But I will never understand the meaning when people say “you need to figure it out” because life is ever changing. I know who I am and I certainly don’t feel like life is something we must figure out. You can reinvent yourself and change your mind at any given time. That’s the beauty!

When your life is at it’s end, nobody talks about your career. Nobody talks about how much money you made. Nobody talks about what college you went to. Instead, they speak about how well you treated others, how awesome you made them feel in their presence, how beautiful of a soul you were…And that is simply how it ends. That is how simply I choose to live my life!

Think about it…


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