Today: The Mindful Parent.

Take a look at this graph… How does it make you feel?   Actually, let’s put our feelings and emotions aside for a moment and first, what does this graph make you realize and understand? I am quite disheartened by the absence of paid maternity leave in America. One of the largest and most developed […]

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Today: Unlearning.

Learning from someone is beautiful— We will never be done learning. But unlearning from someone is even more beautiful. Being done with the trajectories that will no longer serve you, released by somebody else is one of the deepest forms of truth. We then are relieved from the guilt of the shelf life of the […]

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Today: Let us.

Boldness be thy friend, disparity hold thy hand. Let us live in the realm of passion with the facade of beauty, and the truth of beauty; Let us breathe the heir of fire; Let us pick the flowers in hell; Let us drink from the chalice of life, and coat our mouths with the blood […]

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Today: Tragic Suffer.

It’s such a tragic suffer… To be engulfed in such a way that my mind cannot handle. A foreign feeling, yet a familiar yearning— I am boundlessly designed for this. I don’t want a love that lasts a lifetime. I want a lifetime that burns with love. Be my fire. I would swim to the […]

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Today: Hearts.

“We loved with a love that was more than love.” —Edgar Allan Poe I felt every single word. I    felt it. There was never a We… Always projecting my deepest of prose onto everyone I ever loved in great hopes they would rise from the ashes of their sad shallow hearts to love me the […]

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Today: Fantasy.

I have so many fantasies living inside of me. Tones of heresy paint my internal complexion to give off a subtle glimpse of virtue. I’m not right. I never was. I am left… behind. History repeats itself until it no longer exists. A reason to breathe. A reason to grin. The warmth of my desires […]

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